CRAFT Copyright, Disclaimer and Acknowledgment

Copyright A: eZine copyright. Creative Commons Licence, © 2011

For full license please see

Copyright A explicated – © 2011 Creative Commons Copyright exercised through the above web-links and publisher Kalgrove Institute. Q4 2011. This Creative Commons license covers:

  1. General use: Individual or multiple copying and use of these materials for study, research, practical projects, running learning circles or project planning is encouraged. However, please respect the authors’ intellectual property and the publisher by acknowledging this and this publication when using or doing so. Such acknowledgement should be written on each section of the material used. In addition, please inform the author or the publisher when using parts of this document, as well as noting the quoted material. Please direct any feedback you may have to the publisher in the first instance.
  2. Disclaimer: The materials contained within and forming part of this publication are offered to the public and to individual facilitators in good faith on a not for profit basis. This in no way constitutes an acceptance of responsibility for the ultimate use to which this material may be put, or to any acts or omissions arising from its use in the hands of a third party.
  3. Acknowledgement: Every effort is made, in good faith, to encourage contributing authors to acknowledge sources. Clearly this will not prove 100% effective in all instances. Please bring any instances of absent of incorrect ascription to our knowledge and we will address this in the next volume.

Copyright B: Author’s Copyright

All authors retain copyright for all work they have created.

Copyright B explicated – The eZine is simply a Peer2Peer collective/aggregating publishing tool. In general authors ask for their work to be published. On this basis CRAFT does not seek to obtain copyright, and by submitting their document the authors agree to their article’s publication in CRAFT. The authors remain responsible for the content of their articles — including references. CRAFT’s editorial process seeks to ensure attribution is undertaken; however from time to time mistakes and omissions will occur. These remain the prime responsibility of the author. Once such mistakes and omissions are brought to our attention will be addressed post haste by the article’s author and noted in a future issue of the eZine. We prefer collaborative intention to adversarial contention. The principals emphasise CRAFT is Not 4 Profit and a collaboration for CRAFT based social change for a future our planet can live with.

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